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Social denomination: Lusoevents Porduções Multimédia, Lda.
Tax Number: 506 517 527
Headquarters: Bairro da Portela, 6160-401 Oleiros
Phone Number: 212 441 056
Registered in the Commercial Registry Office of Oleiros

Commitment to Data Protection and Privacy

The Lusopirotecnia appreciates your interest in our website and because we take the protection of your personal data very seriously we only process data in accordance with the GDPR General Data Protection Regulation applicable since May 25, 2018.

This regulation aims to make the processing of personal data more clear, giving everyone a great control over their data, even only applicable to EU citizens. The Lusopirotecnia Data Protection Policy describes how we collect, use, share and process the personal data of those who visit us and our customers.

In any situation or use, the user may always remove their personal data from our database and should contact us and the person responsible for the processing of data through the following

At any time, anyone can contact us with any questions or suggestions related to the protection of personal data or to exercise their rights regarding personal data. If at any time any user or customer of Lusopirotecnia considers that someone has stolen or had improper access to the information of their personal contacts, he/she shall inform the CNPD – Comissão Nacional de Protecção de Dados in the following 3 days through the following link: to make a complaint. The CNPD is an independent administrative Institution with powers of authority, working along with the Portuguese Republic. Its general attribution is to control the processing of personal data, in strict respect for human rights and for the freedoms and guarantees enshrined in the Constitution and the law. The Commission is the National Authority for the Control of Personal Data. The CNPD cooperates with data protection authorities of other States, namely in the defence and exercise of the rights of persons residing abroad.

Also at any time any user or client of Lusopirotecnia may withdraw the consent given for the processing of their personal data; you may access your personal data and request rectification or deletion of the same to Lusopirotecnia or any third party that has had access to them. Our customers also have the right to be informed of the existence of any automated processing of personal data.

If Lusopirotecnia decides to change any of the resolutions of our privacy policy, we will inform you through an advertisement placed on our website.

Data Processing

When you visit the Lusopirotecnia website, we can request personal identification data. This information is necessary for you to benefit from our services, be informed about promotions and products that you may be interested in, to fill out the information request, make any reservations and payments or to improve the experience of our clients when visiting our site. This information is requested and collected when you enter our website; when you register in your personal area; when you make payments and in many other situations in the course of your interaction with the information on the website.

The Lusopirotecnia only processes the personal data voluntarily entered by the each user, for example – name and surname, address, date of birth, country of residence, mobile phone, email, bank account or credit card if collected with the consent of the User / Client and only for what is strictly necessary to give requested information, making reservations and / or purchase of our services. The Lusopirotecnia does not keep personal data for longer than necessary for processing data.

Right to access data

In any situation, the user may always remove personal data from any database or emails’ list or newsletters of the Lusopirotecnia. For that must use the link indicated in those emails or just by sending an email to Users must make prove that they are at least 18 years of age, otherwise, parents’ authorization is required to contract our services.

Links to third parties

Any transfer of personal data to a third country or other international organization will only be carried out within the framework of the fulfilment of legal or guaranteed obligations which complies with the applicable Community and national legal rules. The Lusopirotecnia website may contain links to other websites operated and maintained by third parties. Thus, any information that our Users may provide us will always be in accordance with the privacy policy of these web pages.

External services

We also inform you that all received data needed for reservations at Lusopirotecnia may have to be processed by our partners (transport service providers for example) and subcontractors (our service providers) as well as by third parties (for example IT services, transports, customer support services and for sending emails and other external services to process payments).

Website Hosting

The hosting of the website and our specific services requires automatic access data for various purposes. The data processing agreement that regulates responsibility as a web host enables us to comply with GDPR.

About Automated information – When you visit our website we receive information that is personal information – and includes your IP address, referral URL, exit URL, browser software, operating system, and/or clickstream data.

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